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April 30, 2006

Rain Magick

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When Witches Gather Rain

Witches have always known the special meaning of nature’s acts. They are
warnings, blessings and magickal guides to the living world around us. Rain
is a special gift from the sky and its power should be used wisely.

Try never to shelter yourself from it’s fall, but rather accept the rain as
we should accept life with all its trials and blessings.

*Rain while the sun shines is a healing rain. Catch and store it in blue
glass. Use the water for all manner of healing magick. Place in the bath for
an all over body cleaning.

*The blessing of Fairies is upon anyone who catches rain in a silver spoon
after the rain has bounced off a flat stone. Place some of this water on any
frequently lost object (keys is a good choice).

*Place midnight rain of a New Moon on the third eye to bring visions and to
see future events.

*The first rain gathered in May is symbolic of May dew and holds much power.
It is used when very special favours are needed. Do not gather this rain in
metal container or it’s power will be lost. Glass would be better.

*When rain runs off a gravestone gather carefully and use with caution.

*Rain gathered during a thunderstorm holds much energy and can be used to
enhance spells and potions. But be aware that the energy does not last long
and the spell should be completed before three days and nights have passed
or the rainwater will be of little use.

*House plants enjoy the outdoor rain, this cleanses their leaves and helps
to purify the indoor air when they are brought back home. This is especially
good to do when you are in need of a clear mind and strong thoughts

*Jewelry, charms and other objects can be purified by standing in the rain,
facing west and tossing the object into the air 3 times, catching it in your
hands each time.

The sound of the rain carries the voices of the water spirits. Listen to the
rain and enjoy the gifts of the undines. They will speak to you of Love, and

The wise also realize that rain is just one aspect of Nature. We should look
to the Wind, Trees, Lightning, Fire, Stones, and other forms of Nature’s
expression for clues to the magick of the world.

~ Original Author Unknown




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