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September 16, 2006

Cooking By Moonlight

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Foods for Autumn Moons

As the harvest is gathered and the earth’s bounty celebrated, the moon rises golden and heavy. Birds mark the sky in their arrow-shaped instinct. Frost is around the corner, the dark time is coming. But not today. Today the Goddess breathes her burnished breath upon the land, spinning straw into gold. This is the Crone’s alchemy, her last turn at beauty etched in wisdom, bittersweet. It is a time for noticing the small things, such as the creatures preparing for the colder nights ahead, it is a time of sleep and prophesy, it is a time for gathering – gathering strength, wisdom, patience, and substenance.

Foods now become strengthening, boosting the immune system with earthy root vegetables and harvest flavours, restorative spices and herbs. Slow-cooked stews and lemon-roasted chicken nurture the spirit and support the body. Freashly baked breads, and muffins laced with cinnamon fill the house with the fragrance of the harvest. The Goddess’ favored apples abound in an array of colours and textures, tempting us into the kitchen to conjure up batters for breads, cakes, and pies, comfort foods to face the shortening daylight.

The kitchen truely becomes the soul and centre of the home during this wistful season, as Hestia, Goddess of the hearth, moves quietly into our hearts. She teaches us patience and the art of centering, the art of being, and knowing. It is a time to go within and cultivate our intuition, a time to reflect upon our connection to our ancestors, a time to collect a new stack of books and put the tea kettle on. It’s important to feed the imagination as well as the body.

Taken from ‘Cooking by Moonlight’ by Karri Ann Allrich


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