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July 10, 2007

Purple Passion

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Ever since the 80’s era of Prince, I have been enchanted with all variations of the color purple…from lavender to lilac, plum to indigo. 

I’ve known that purple has been long associated with themes of royalty.  Which was pretty clever of Prince, now that I think of it–get it– “Prince” (a royal persona) and his reign of all things purple? 

For those who are either as enamored by purple as I am, or know someone who is, you’ll be relieved to learn there is actually a store which boasts nothing but purple merchandise sold here. 

Finally, proprietors who understand that “purple is a lifestyle”. 

Purple and Indigo

Describing and colour in words is not easy, let alone those shades which
result as a mix of red and blue.

But if you consider purple to be a straight mix of blue and red, with no
whiter included, then indigo is a darker and bluer colour, as close to black
as the deepest blue of the night sky. Purple stones include dark amethyst
and suglite, whereas indigo is represented by sodalite. Both colours
represent the colour of Spirit and are associated with spiritual and psychic
development. However, whilst purple is associated with magic for healing,
indigo is more useful in money and success spells. Purple, because of the
difficulty in creating it from plant dyes, has long been associated with
royalty and high office in male-dominated systems, whereas indigo is more
often associated with Wise Women and more matriarchal belief systems such as
the Craft. This subtle difference means that the two colours are very good
in enabling us to access, and hence balance, our male and female aspects.

To create a balancing meditation aid, draw and colour in a purple circle
inside an indigo square. Make it as large as you can. Place it upright in a
place where you can comfortably sit and contemplate it. Burn a purple candle
on the right and an indigo one on the left. Extinguish all other lighting
and focus on the image. Do this every evening for a full week for at least
10 minutes per time. Alternatively, create a necklace of alternating purple
and indigo beads, with an equal number of each, and wear this under your
clothing next to your skin.

Taken from “The Real Witches Year” by Kate West


June 21, 2007

I’m an orange

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What color is your soul painted?Orange

Your soul is painted the color orange, which embodies the characteristics of balance, heat, enthusiasm, flamboyance, playfulness, aggression, over-emotion, danger, desire, strengthens the ability to concentrate, attraction, adaptability, and stimulation. Orange falls under the element of Fire, and symbolizes glory and fruits of the earth.

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June 12, 2007

Goddess Worship Vs. Patriarchical Religon, Pagan Radio, July Astrology

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Outdated, “neander-thoughts” about religion.  Interesting stand on goddess worship.

Pagan radio stations online through Witchvox.

July Astrology Forecast:

For Everybody ~ Amidst tremendous impatience and intense but unrealistic desires, we must address immediate challenges and make wise, far-sighted decisions.  We have room to maneuver and we sense the support of circumstances.  The right thing to do is consolidate your position and prepare to meet challenges you know or sense very strongly are on the way.  The mistake would be to overreach.  Don’t use your previous resources to pursue a new and unrealistic goal. Whatever choices you make will have lasting and far reaching consequences.


Sign by Sign Astrology Forecast for July 2007

ARIES ~ You are feeling the need for personal independence and self-expression. Or maybe you just need to assert yourself in your present situation in order to make it more comfortable for you.  But take care.  There is only so much flexibility in this situation.  Continued stability and security will depend on your patience and forbearance.  You must adapt your deeply felt, powerfully charged personal ideals and your urge for self-expression.  If you don’t bend a little, you risk a major upset.  You could tip over the proverbial apple cart.

TAURUS ~ You are feeling the tug of your hopes and ambitions and the pull of your personal ideals intensely about now.  You are also feeling blocked and impatient because of your relative powerlessness.  My advice is to work patiently through the details of the complex and demanding situation in which you find yourself.  Observe changes in your neighborhood and community, also.  Some of these changes will not be well thought-out.  They will require foresight and careful responses on your part.  Meanwhile, take comfort from positive developments in long-term financial matters.

GEMINI ~ You are sensitive to the numerous concerns expressed by others, but like others, you aren’t yet in a position to change anything.  It is true that opposition forces are weaker.  But there is too much confusion for effective action.  There is also risk of overreaching or premature action.  The foundation you have worked so hard to create can only take so much weight.  Let those in charge do what they can.  Meanwhile, you would benefit by working through some tricky philosophical and spiritual issues.  Your personal position is secure.

CANCER ~ Others will be influenced naturally and spontaneously by your response to events.  You must rise above your disappointments or risk spreading gloom and dissatisfaction.  Your personal bonds with others in the community are especially lively and productive right now.  You can use this influence to make people see beyond their own self-interest and work cooperatively.  Cooperation is a necessity if everyone is to come out of this OK.  You’ll have to be even more diplomatic and sensitive to the feelings of others than usual.  Impatience and irritability are running high.  

LEO ~ Leo has been under a tiring, inhibiting planetary influence for a couple of years.  Fortunately, this influence will leave Leo early in September.  You will then experience an immediate boost in mood, attitude and energy levels.  The first half of July will offer a preview of this new condition.  Don’t be discouraged when the preview ends and things bog down again in late July.  In September, a new, refurbished Leo will arrive on the scene to stay, minus lots of old baggage and full of new life and energy.

VIRGO ~ Your input will be important.  People, including some powerful and highly motivated people, will depend on your input.  However, it could be hard to express some of your more innovative, intuitive ideas, especially since some of your thoughts will involve rebellion against the system.  Your ideas will be quite influential in any case.  You might be surprised at what people do or say on the basis of your advice.  Overall, you are under very supportive and protective influences. If you keep work and partnership affairs under control, you’ll do quite well.

LIBRA ~ This month, the challenges will not be in any of the financial, or economic, areas of your life.  (Although, if you allow it, professional and work issues could spill over, upsetting the rest of your affairs.)  The challenges will be kind of spiritual, philosophical and generally abstract.  They will involve relationship and emotional issues, which are so important to Librans. Even relationship matters that seem to go well might conceal knotty problems for later resolution.  Your solution of these intellectual and emotional issues will eventually have important, concrete benefits.

SCORPIO ~ You are still being powerfully affected by a lot of things over which you have little or no control.  It seems that your own commitments and loyalties, especially in partnership and professional areas, are helping contribute to the impasse.  The wise, selective use of financial resources can supplement your personal capacity while you work toward a resolution of some stubborn issues.  You are certainly coping very well.  However, coping well is not at all the same thing as prospering.  Take advantage of upcoming changes to further lighten your load.

SAGITTARIUS ~ There is nothing motivating you strongly in one direction or another.  Also, a lot of tricky issues are keeping you from decisive action.  Normally thoughtful people, Sagittarians are now overly thoughtful people, preoccupied by many complicated and subtle questions.  This lengthy standstill will end later this year.  When it’s over you will have changed your mind about many things.  But the *way* you think about things is going to change also.  Reason and evidence won’t be enough to convince you anymore.  You will take imponderables–feelings, conscience, and intuition–much more seriously.

CAPRICORN ~ The options are rattling around out there, but none of them measure up to your expectations, yet.  You might have to disappoint a lot of eager people.  If you said yes now, you know things wouldn’t work out anyway.  It’s partly a question of keeping finances within bounds.  But you are also troubled by a lot of subtle philosophical issues.  To be honest, it would probably be best for all concerned if you held off completely on some things until late summer.  New and more promising conditions will emerge then.

AQUARIUS ~ Relations with those close to you are strained.  Even casual friendships seem to have chilled somewhat.  Present tensions are part of a planetary renovation of your social life that will soon be completed. Relationships are being put on a sounder footing.   When this seeming chill has passed, your relationships overall will be more flexible and sustainable than before.  These new arrangement will work better for years to come. Shakeups in relationships can be upsetting, but you should remain confident.  The planets have placed a protective mantle over your affairs.

PISCES ~ There is a lot riding on your decisions.  Your choices are influencing the lives of those around you.  This is partly because you have special insight into what’s happening.  But it’s also because your understanding of underlying realities is very clear.   Many in your life don’t quite understand where you are coming from or what your needs are anymore.  You should make a special effort to explain your thoughts. You’ll have to break free of some old ties or at least adjust the terms in accordance with recent insights.

April 30, 2006

Rain Magick

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When Witches Gather Rain

Witches have always known the special meaning of nature’s acts. They are
warnings, blessings and magickal guides to the living world around us. Rain
is a special gift from the sky and its power should be used wisely.

Try never to shelter yourself from it’s fall, but rather accept the rain as
we should accept life with all its trials and blessings.

*Rain while the sun shines is a healing rain. Catch and store it in blue
glass. Use the water for all manner of healing magick. Place in the bath for
an all over body cleaning.

*The blessing of Fairies is upon anyone who catches rain in a silver spoon
after the rain has bounced off a flat stone. Place some of this water on any
frequently lost object (keys is a good choice).

*Place midnight rain of a New Moon on the third eye to bring visions and to
see future events.

*The first rain gathered in May is symbolic of May dew and holds much power.
It is used when very special favours are needed. Do not gather this rain in
metal container or it’s power will be lost. Glass would be better.

*When rain runs off a gravestone gather carefully and use with caution.

*Rain gathered during a thunderstorm holds much energy and can be used to
enhance spells and potions. But be aware that the energy does not last long
and the spell should be completed before three days and nights have passed
or the rainwater will be of little use.

*House plants enjoy the outdoor rain, this cleanses their leaves and helps
to purify the indoor air when they are brought back home. This is especially
good to do when you are in need of a clear mind and strong thoughts

*Jewelry, charms and other objects can be purified by standing in the rain,
facing west and tossing the object into the air 3 times, catching it in your
hands each time.

The sound of the rain carries the voices of the water spirits. Listen to the
rain and enjoy the gifts of the undines. They will speak to you of Love, and

The wise also realize that rain is just one aspect of Nature. We should look
to the Wind, Trees, Lightning, Fire, Stones, and other forms of Nature’s
expression for clues to the magick of the world.

~ Original Author Unknown


January 29, 2006

Lazy Day List

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Feeling: Somewhat refreshed | Hearing: The rain

Today is the perfect lazy Sunday.

For the last couple of hours I have been listening to the rain pitter-patter outside the window, scatter down the gutter, and drip drop off the roof.  I am home alone with my three cats and life is serene at the moment.

For the last several days, I was wired…frustrated…scared….preoccupied and on the verge of snapping.  Last night I had a difficult time getting to sleep again, I was so restless and consumed with thoughts about my job, my parents,  their home and living arrangements, my responsibilities to them and to my family in general…I could not clear my mind for 10 seconds.  I ended up getting out of bed and retreating to the couch with George, the kitty who recently underwent bladder surgery, and watched some tv.  I dozed at some point, maybe around 2:30am…finally I went back to bed at about 4:30.

Strangely I am not so tired today…at least not so far.  I am still sipping my coffee, taking my time and feeling a little more positive than I have been lately.   Why is it that things always look better in the daylight?  Last night I was tossing and turning, fretting over this and that and feeling so out of control of my life…and when I awoke this morning, while  I am still not certain of many things,  I am more comfortable with this uncertainty today than I was yesterday.

This is the kind of day I love….no true obligations…I don’t have to be anywhere or necessarily “do” anything.  I can just be with myself.  Enjoy the quiet of the house.  Think and reflect, create and make plans.  Be lazy, stay in my PJ’s, relish the return to a more balanced frame of mind.

I am starting a list here…

“Things to enjoy on a lazy day….”

Have breakfast in bed

Cuddle the cats.  Kiss their foreheads.  Rub that spot behind their ears.

Work on a crossword puzzle or any kind of puzzle, word game, trivia game, riddle, etc.

Walk in silence.  Preferably through a forest or wooded area.

Listen to the chattering of birds.

Write in my journal.  Write poetry.  Write creatively. Write abstractly.   Write something every hour.  Write with a new, funky pen.  Write with crayons, pencils, gel pens, markers…use lots of color.

Make tea sandwiches and brew some English Breakfast or herbal tea for brunch.

Dust the bookshelves.

Listen to classical music all afternoon. 

Sit in a sunny spot.

Create a new mantra.  Use it regularly.

Shamelessly nap.

Wear something fleecey.

Make soup.

Eat ice cream.

Document/record  new insights that come to me.

Read all the magazines that have piled up. 

Sort through, cleanse,  and meditate on the various stones/gems in my collection.

Read the comics.  Clip out especially poingant ones.

Make homemade sauce.  Let it simmer for hours.   Relish the scent.

Read old favorite children’s books.

Research a topic online/at a library, etc.

Wear new, colorful socks.

Make popcorn.

Get a massage.

Eat left-overs for dinner.

Do yoga.

Listen to CD’s at random.

Bake a cake, pie, or bread.

Breathe deeply.

Dance and sing.  Sing and dance.

Learn to be my own counselor.

Light a candle for someone or for myself.

Let things unfold in their own time.

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