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August 26, 2006

Just stuff

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“When you feed that need, it opens a door. Your best thoughts, your best ideas, come through relaxation and play.”  ~ Roberta Goheen

I survived this past week of orientation overload!   At the beginning of the week, I had a two day orientation at the agency I will be doing my 1st  year of field placement.   I have to say, the group at this agency is terrific, I love the energy from these folks.  I feel quite positive about being there.

Then Thursday and Friday were the two day orientations for the new students in the MSW program at school.  That was a bit more grueling.  Lots of logistical stuff to sort through….I met some fellow students and my advisor, went to a few introductory meetings and had some computer and writing refresher seminars.    I am really looking forward to school though, I feel so at home when I am there.   This is my last weekend of “freedom” …classes start on Monday.

Its a kind of gloomy day today, cool and cloudy.  I’ve been watching re-runs of “Beverly Hills, 90210”, lingering over my coffee and just hanging out.   I feel the need to be very low-key this weekend….I know it will be a while before I enjoy this little luxury again.


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